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    The legend is born. The Barcelona lawyer and entrepreneur, Damià Mateu i Bisa, founded the Hispano-Suiza Automobile Manufacturer S.A in Barcelona, which very soon became one of the country’s leading industries, with the technical department headed by Marc Birgikt.

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    Miquel Mateu i Pla acquired the monumental site of the Castillo de Peralada, built in the 14th century, and revitalized the wine industry in Empordà by founding the Castillo Perelada Wines and Cavas winery in the cellar where monks were producing wine in the Middle Ages.

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    From 1920 – 1950

    Miquel Mateu, who was also a great bibliophile and patron of the arts, started the art collections that would form the magnificent library and museums at the Castle, in the tradition handed down by Damiá Mateu.

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    From 1960 – 1970

    Miquel Mateu and Artur Suqué were at the head of transforming and making the Castillo Perelada winery known internationally, and it rapidly became one of the most prestigious wineries in the country, which has the support of world-renowned personalities.

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    1978 – 1979

    Artur Suqué and Carmen Mateu inaugurated the Gran Casino of Barcelona, Castell Peralada Casino and Lloret de Mar Casino, and these very soon became well-known places for leisure and dining.

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    Carmen Mateu, a great music-lover, organized music galas in the Castillo de Peralada with world-renowned musicians and singers. The soirées grew into the Castell de Perelada International Music Festival.

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    Carmen Mateu and Artur Suqué’s commitment to culture and entertainment. The first Castell de Peralada Festival was held in summer 1987, with performances of classical music only, to great critical and public acclaim.

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    The 1990s

    Javier Suqué Mateu led the expansion and modernization of Castillo Perelada Wines and Cavas, and set up new wineries with the Priorat Appellation of Origin: Cims de Porrera and Casa Gran del Siurana.

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    Artur Suqué and Miguel Suqué, heading the Perelada Group, opted to build two large leisure centers: Casino Resort Santa Fe and Melincué Casino & Resort.

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    The business activities of the Suqué-Mateu family continue to grow. The Grup Peralada Group, with an eye to the future, opened its first online casino: CasinoBarcelona.es, and responsible gaming was now on the Internet.