New Perelada Winery: Leed® BD + C environmental and energy certification

Designing the new winery began when the Suqué Mateu family commissioned the RCR studio: the purity of its architecture, based on respect for the pre-existing landscape and on prioritising the emotion and experience of the resulting space.

The new Perelada winery is the first in Europe to have LEED® BD + C environmental and energy certification, a seal developed by the US Green Building Council that certifies the sustainability and high efficiency of its design and construction.

Hispano Suiza, 100% Electric Hypercar

Hispano Suiza is committed to electromobility with its two 100% electric hypercars. The batteries of the Carmen and Carmen Boulogne models have been designed by the brand in their entirety. They not only provide zero-emission driving, but are also more energy-efficient and require less maintenance.

All this helps reduce their environmental impact. In this way, the brand remains true to its beginnings. At the beginning of the 20th century, together with Damià Mateu, Mark Birkigt, technical director and co-founder, created one of the first electric vehicle prototypes in Spain.

Perelada: Wineries for Climate Protection

Perelada is one of the seven wineries behind the Wineries for Climate Protection manifesto signed at Barcelona City Hall in June 2011. The signing of this commitment was part of a day organised by the Federación Española del Vino.

The Wineries For Climate Protection conference brought together more than 300 wineries from the world's leading wine regions to reflect, debate and exchange knowledge on the fight against climate change and its consequences. The aim was to determine the impact of global warming on the sector and discuss the measures wineries can take to minimise its effects.

Perelada: Good water management practices

In 1997 Perelada introduced the use of reclaimed water at Finca Garbet. The drip irrigation system divides the farm into different zones, irrigating each one only when necessary.

In 2003, Perelada also installed a complex meteorological station to determine the estate's phytosanitary and irrigation requirements. This avoids any excessive, unnecessary use of water, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides...

Since 2010 we have had specific satellite weather forecasts for each of our five vineyards, which means we can plan irrigation with detailed information a week ahead.

Festival Perelada: TÜVRheinland Certified / EFFE LABEL 2022-2023

Since 2014, the Festival Perelada has had an event management system in place in accordance with the ISO 20121 standard, focused on striking a balance among economic, social and environmental activities.

Accordingly, the Festival has been truly pioneering and stands as motivation to strive for continuous improvement in sustainability and work on a daily basis to lead the field of event sustainability management.