Hispano Suiza renews its corporate image

Hispano Suiza is taking another step in its strategy for the future with a renewed image in line with its new ethos: the pleasure of belonging to something unique.

From its beginnings in 1904, Hispano Suiza became a symbol of luxury, with vehicles available only to aristocrats, intellectuals and the most renowned artists. Now, in the 21st century, the brand is reconnecting with a new concept, that of hyper-luxury, and adapting to the digital world.

One of the most important aspects of this project has been to respect the balance between heritage and the need to look to the future. The brand has a very strong set of icons and symbols, such as the winged flag and the stork. Therefore, the aim was not to modify them but rather to enrich them, to give them a new focus by introducing monochrome and a new colour range that goes from white to black through 'champagne' and hints of electric red.

The result is a new corporate image that reflects extreme sophistication without being baroque. This is also conveyed by the typography, which illustrates both the refinement and the sporty character of Hispano Suiza.

The new corporate image and the new brand video are to be released shortly.

Hispano Suiza renews its corporate image