Perelada celebrates 100 years of history

The history of Perelada dates back to 1923, when the Mateu family bought the medieval Castell de Peralada estate and decided to revitalise the area's winemaking tradition as well as relocate their art collection to the estate. This is an artistic, cultural and winemaking legacy that has continued to grow.

Over the years, the family's entrepreneurial spirit and sense of hospitality has produced a rich wine, food, tourism and recreational offer that includes vineyards, a golf course, a hotel, a museum, the prestigious music festival, a Michelin-starred restaurant and a casino. Perelada decided to take yet another step towards excellence in 2022 by moving its wine production to a new winery, a seamless combination of winemaking, architecture, sustainability, terroir and wine tourism.

The 100th anniversary was celebrated with an immersive exhibition at the IDEAL space in Barcelona. There, visitors enjoyed a journey through the world of Perelada through an exhibition featuring historical pieces from the Museum and an immersive tasting. The poster for the summer edition of the Perelada Festival was also unveiled and the Carmen Mateu Award was given to the choreographer Botis Seva.