The Festival Perelada is set to open its new auditorium in 2024

The Gardens of Peralada Castle are to be the new venue for the Peralada Festival from summer 2024. This new permanent, open-air auditorium project is to be developed in phases. The new 6624 m2 cultural facility is to be an example in terms of environment and landscape and will complete the extraordinary wine tourism, leisure and cultural offer available at Peralada Resort. Budgeted in the first phase at more than four million euros, it will make the Peralada Festival the first summer festival to have a permanent venue with its own auditorium.

The new spaces will help de-seasonalise the Festival's activity throughout the year and will be available for use by the local creative, artistic, educational and social community. There are also plans for the auditorium and its facilities to be used by other promoters and for business events throughout the year.

The project will culminate in 2026, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the Festival. With this new space, the festival looks to the future with new challenges that include internationalisation, sustainability, inclusion and social cohesion, the main pillars of a cultural model started in the Empordà region and now a world-famous event.